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Replace all physical coupons and cards with the app

Pokepay is a new service that serves as an alternative to physical coupons and plastic cards.

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New e-money is being designed and released daily

From small business to large enterprise.

Introducing the new and improved Pokepay, designed to cater to all kinds of businesses.


It’s time to “make your money” ✋

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3 reasons to choose Pokepay

Unlock your businesses full potential with Pokepay.

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Increase Productivity

Optimize money management operations by going digital.


Customer Loyalty

Boost sales by increasing the frequency of repeat visits.



Strengthen your brand power to increase customer loyalty.

Simple, intuitive, powerful

/images/index/shopping-cart.svgCashier mode

Use your smartphone as a payment terminal

By scanning QR codes using cashier mode, you can instantly handle cash recharges and payment transactions with just one smartphone. Say goodbye to the need for POS machines.

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/images/index/point.svgPoint setting

Flex your creativity with our variety of point settings

Configure your Pokepay points easily to flexibly respond to the needs of your business. Unlike other mobile payment systems, you have the autonomy and control to craft your own campaigns. Customize your points to forge deeper connections with your customers.

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/images/index/member.svgTransaction history and member management

Recognize your customers

Easily identify your most loyal customers by enabling face visibility within transaction history. Understanding visit frequency allows staff to communicate and respond flexibly.

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/images/index/smartphone.svgManagement screen

Management made simple

No computer necessary. Just one smartphone is all it takes to access the management screen. Simply download the app and begin using it immediately. Retrieve and check information with ease during daily operations. Only Pokepay offers such smart functionality.

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/images/index/design.svgDesign setting

Show off your unique design to customers

Design without boundaries. Create a payment app that reflects your brand. Customize the artwork displayed within the app to showcase your unique style and enhance your brand’s identity.

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/images/index/music.svgPayment and charge sounds

Set distinctive sounds for payment notifications

You can set the perfect sound for payments and recharges that matches the atmosphere of your shop. From upbeat sounds to intense rock tunes, you can choose the sound that best expresses your brand.

*Please confirm that you have full ownership of the rights related to the audio data.

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About Pokepay

A new service that allows you to create your own smartphone payment app. Customize it in unique ways that reflect your brand. Enjoy hassle-free daily management with a single smartphone.

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Creator App

(For shop owners)

Simply download the app and easily create your own personalized smartphone payment app. Express your shop's unique personality by captivating customers with an immersive experience. Seamlessly manage and process payments, all from the convenience of just one smartphone.

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Member App

(For customers)

This "Payment" application created with the Creator App has many benefits for customers. In addition to cashless transactions, customers can receive store updates and save money with points. Create an app that makes customers love their favorites stores even more.

Well-suited for a wide range of industries

Create custom currency easily, without the need for separate payment terminals or expensive monthly fees. Suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries.

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The image of salon


The image of apparel shop


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Dance Studio


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Hair salons

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Beauty salons

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Fan club

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The icon of apparel


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Everything you need for cashless payments is right here.

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Find the perfect plan to transform your business




/per month

Try Pokepay for free

Transactions: 20/m1 storeMembers: Up to 6



/per month

For those wanting to start out small

Transactions: 60/m1 storeMembers: Up to 20
user icon for recommendedRecommended for single store



/per month

Best for businesses operating a single store

Transactions: 300/m1 storeMembers: Up to 100
users icon for recommendedRecommended for multiple stores



/per month

When in doubt, go for this!

Transactions: 1,200/m5 storesMembers: Unlimited



/per month

For businesses operating multiple stores

Transactions: 5,000/m50 storesMembers: Unlimited


yen/per SMS

SMS fees


yen/per call

Voice call fees


yen /per email

Email fees

*All prices include taxes. *You can upgrade your plan from the app. When upgrading, charges will be prorated and combined on the next billing date. *There are no transaction fees when charging through cash. When using credit card charge, a separate contract with the payment service provider (Stripe) is required. Transaction fees are defined individually in the Stripe contract, however the normal rate is 3.6%(+tax).

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Let's create your "money"

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